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At the PCOS Nutrition Center, we know how confusing PCOS can be, especially when it comes to understanding the nutrition and diet guidelines for the syndrome. We also know how difficult it is for women with PCOS to manage their weight and get control over their symptoms. That's why we were established: To give you the support, tools, information and resources you need to make lasting changes to your eating, health and fertility.

The PCOS Workbook:

Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health

This practical and comprehensive guide helps you understand not just the physiology of PCOS, but what you can do about it. Step-by-step guidelines, meal plans, questionnaires and exercises will help you learn skills and empower you to make positive changes in your life that might not get rid of PCOS, but will help you live with it harmoniously. ebook & paperback from $14.99.

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PCOS Nutrition Center Cookbook

100 Easy and Delicious Whole Food Recipes to Beat PCOS!

Created by the registered dietitian nutritionists from the PCOS Nutrition Center, this cookbook provides a summary of science-based know-how on what to eat (and what to avoid), as well as easy and delicious whole food recipes to beat PCOS.
Bonus 4 week meal plans and shopping lists!

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From the PCOS Blog:

Angela Grassi named one of 10 Incredible RDs Who Are Making a Difference by Today's Dietitian! - READ MORE

How to Eat for Better Fertility: Researchers know more than ever about the influence of nutrition on women's fertility. A healthy diet not only can improve the metabolic and reproductive factors associated with PCOS but egg development and ovulation too. Here are some clinically-proven ways to eat to improve your fertility and get your body ready to support a healthy pregnancy. READ MORE